The Story

In the 17th century, is a small village lost into mountains filled with superstition. Not far from there lives a strange lady, close to a lake. Every night, that lady boards to collect reflects of stars staying afloat. One evening, the moon oddly goes missing and the villagers are drawn in darkness. They decide to punish the one they suspect of sorcery. After managing to dodge their threat, the lady make the moon reappear in the sky, before joining the reflect of that astral body in the depths.

The Production

ALLUME Prod., founded by Edouard Mahier and Yann Philippe, brought many short-movies projects to fruition. The first meeting between the ALLUME Prod. team and the Wildpath band gave rise to a real artistic bond. The large dramatic value of Buried Moon provides creative meterials.

The Music

The Buried Moon song is part of the seminal work from last release of the symphonic metal band WildpathUnderneath. Through a poetical tale, the track sets a dream world carried out by a fantastic musical mood. A travers un conte poétique, le morceau plante un univers onirique porté par une ambiance musicale fantastique.

Underneath is a double album of 2 hours. It offers on one hand 14 tracks enriching speed symphonic metal with different influences, and on the other an instrumental version of each song. Driven by the desire to broaden their horizons, the band draw inspiration from many musical genres.

For this release, they developed an implicit concept. From the cover, the auditor is invited to explore an underlying story by following the adventures narrataed along the tracks.

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